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These Innovative folding carts replace the need for multiple carts. Easily adjusts to eight configurations, without removable parts or pins to lose. Foldable sides raise and lock into place by pressing release cables. The new R-Tracs reduce the overall weight of Multi-Cart® making the critically acclaimed carts even more efficient and easier to manueuver. New R-Trac Wheel features Pneumatic-like ride -  No-flat (no air leaks)  -  Low rolling resistance - High-strength polymer hub  -  Extremely light weight - Cool high-tech appearance  -  Up to 30% lighter in weight than traditional - Pneumatics or solid wheels - R12 8”x2” R-Trac casters feature lightweight brakes  
8 in 1 Equipment Cart
MULTI-CART® Mini Handtruck is a versatile gear transport cart with a load capacity of 200 lb (90.7 kg). It features an 18” (45.7 cm) long nose section that allows you to move around bulky equipment MULTI-CART® R2RT For a set of wheels when traveling this is your answer. Weighs only 15.4 lbs. 350 lb. load capacity.    MULTI-CART® R6RT  When you need to save space packing the R6RT is only 28”x18”x9.5” when folded but still carries 500 lbs of gear. MULTI-CART® R8RT Only 34”x19”x9.5” when folded.  Powdercoated welded steel tube frame weighs 28 lbs. with a 500 lb. load capacity. Multi-Cart® R10RT In addition, the new R10RT model is 10% lighter in weight making it even more maneuverable and efficient.  Load capacity.:  500 lbs./32 cu. ft.  Wt:  29 lbs.   Multi-Cart® R12RT They can carry huge loads yet fold small for storage.  The patented Multi-Carts are considered so innovative that they are even featured in college engineering texts books for outstanding design.  Multi-Cart® R14RT  Designed for larger, heavier loads. The R14 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter extends to 5 feet of cargo room and will hold 700lbs.   
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8 in 1 Equipment Cart
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